About Us

Hidden Piece Puzzles is a small family business created from our love of the arts, passion for mental health, our desire to help people connect with one another, and of course our love of wooden jigsaw puzzles.  Both owners, Robert and Rebecca, have degrees in Psychology and feel passionate about the mental health benefits of puzzling.  Rebecca also holds a Master's degree in Social Work and is a mental health therapist with her own practice.  Robert, who also has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and Master's Degree in Business, has always been artistic and designs (hand draws) all our cut patterns as well as runs every aspect of our company.

We take extra care in the type of artwork we choose for our puzzles.  We believe strongly in supporting the art community and seek to work with new talented artists who have artwork that not only make great puzzles, but also look spectacular hanging on walls in your home.  We also believe in doing good in the world, and on the occasion royalty free art is used, we are committed to donate licensing fees to charities and other positive causes that support our values.

Our wooden puzzles are created by us in the USA with premium 1/4" thick US plywood made of 3 layers of hardwoods (due to supply shortages, we acquire from different mills resulting in actual thickness varying from 5mm+ down to 4.5mm).  The outer veneers are a high grade maple which provides a great feel and superb canvas for our printing.  The color side of our puzzles are printed with an advanced process resulting in a low glare, water proof surface.  Each puzzle is precisely cut with the smallest gaps possible so the artwork can be fully enjoyed once assembled.  It is difficult to tell from a short distance away it is a puzzle. They are truly superb and know you will enjoy every moment.