Most people think jigsaw puzzles are for kids, made out of cheap cardboard and not meant to last, using wild or obnoxious images, and cut into boring grid patterns (most pieces looking the same).  We make themed deluxe wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults who appreciate real art. We create each puzzle to introduce new art to more people, improve mental health, increase closeness with others, and bring peace in stressful times.

We take extra care in the type of artwork we choose for our puzzles and work with current talented artists who have artwork that not only make great puzzles, but also look spectacular displayed in your home. Each cut pattern is hand drawn and precisely cut with the smallest gaps possible so the artwork can be fully enjoyed once assembled. It is difficult to tell from a short distance away it is a puzzle. These are more than just a puzzle…they are a complete work of art meant to hold on to and enjoy for generations.

Puzzle Away!

Puzzle Packaging

Mini Puzzles

Our mini puzzles are extremely fun and make an ideal gift. If you know anyone who still has not tried one of our puzzles, send them one of these and forever convert them!

Large & Medium Puzzles

Every puzzle comes with a sturdy drawer box making it easy to slide open from one side via a pull tab and allowing it to store flat or upright on a shelf next to your favorite books, a soft yet strong drawstring bag, and a large image reference poster for those who like the added assistance.

Help Keep Memories

Our puzzles are meant to collect memories and be passed down generations. We have provided a place on back of the drawer portion of our medium/large puzzle box to keep track of your memories for each experience you have putting together our puzzles (Who, When, Where). We hope this makes having it as a family heirloom more meaningful.