Customer Service

Your satisfaction with our products is our number one priority.  Although we use the highest quality hard wood, please understand there is some variations and imperfections in grain and natural defects may appear. It is our expectation that those small imperfections do not distract from the beauty of our products.  If there are any issues that we are responsible for (missing or damaged pieces, etc.) we will be happy to replace for you.

We understand puzzle pieces are easily lost.  Based on our own experience, they are often a “hidden piece” but not necessarily missing.  So if you have had a good look or you know the dog ate it, please contact customer service via email and include a picture of the puzzle with its missing piece so that we may be able to provide a replacement.  We are happy to replace a piece at no charge but ask you tell us a good story or make one up that will entertain us!  We might even include it on our blog if it’s a good one.  For additional missing pieces, we may charge a small shipping and handling fee.


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