Gwen van Knippenberg

Gwen van Knippenberg, having spent many years at home raising her four children and cherishing her time with them, recently decided to follow her dreams and focus on her artwork. What started as a part time passion blossomed into a full time career. Enjoying the beautiful and simple things in life that make her smile—from nature to the people around her—Gwen’s drawings focus on minute details and color. Her art is enhancing, sweet, warm, and cozy (or “gezellig” as her Dutch family and friends would say), and all qualities that make her art so perfect for a puzzle. Gwen is an illustrator and painter living and working on her dreams in Amstelveen, the Netherlands with her family and two cats.

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You can also follow her work and activities on Instagram @gwens_illustrations, Facebook @gwen.vanknippenberg.7, or email her at