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Big Blooming Love (521 Pieces)

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Pieces:  521

Size:  13.3 x 16.75 in  |  33.8 x 42.5 cm

Artist:  Regina Lord

Big Blooming Love is our second art piece from Regina Lord.  In her typical style, she uses many bright and lively colors in this painting and was screaming to us to make it into a puzzle.  We really liked this image for sharing the puzzling experience with loved ones and know it will make a great gift for someone (significant other, parent, friend).  This size (Large 521 Pieces) may have the most whimsies we have ever put in a puzzle. We know you or someone else will really enjoy this one.

Customer Reviews

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Bruce Moore
Nice. Be sure to flip it!

Wonderful whimsies and puzzle design. Challenging textures and subtle shade shifts. Well laid out constructed patterns. Be sure to flip it over to check out the design.

Robyn Annala
Big Blooming Love

What a fabulous puzzle! Love the colors and the varied cuts, it was really a joy to build all the way through. Hidden Piece Puzzles has done it again, another excellent puzzle in their line-up of excellent puzzles! :)