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Grow Old Together (361 Pieces)

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Pieces:  361

Size:  11.75 x 13.5 in  |  29.8 x 34.3 cm

Artist:  Gwen van Knippenberg

We feel so lucky to have stumbled upon Gwen’s Instagram page as we were looking for artists.  Her artwork is so charming and peaceful, we couldn’t help but imagine jumping into her world and enjoying a picnic in a grove or a bike ride through Amsterdam.  When we showed “Grow Old Together” to our friends, they would often respond with an “Aaaah, that is so sweet.” Gwen created this piece as she felt that growing old with her husband is one of her most important goals.  She wanted to show an older couple with their past behind them but heading toward their future while “still holding on to each other, walking the walk of life, supporting each other, laughing and crying together.”   As we created the cut design, we wanted to show the couple on their wedding day and whimsies that highlighted their adventures in young and old age.  We think that this puzzle would make a great wedding or anniversary present.  It’s a little trickier than some of our other cut designs because of the solid colors.   But just like marriage, sometimes a little hard work makes it all worth it!