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Worry (504 Pieces)

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Pieces:  504

Size:  17 x 13.5 in  |  43.2 x 34.3 cm

Artist: Camie Woolf

Camie was inspired to produce this wonderful piece during the devastating time when Covid-19 was changing the world.  Most people were experiencing extensive side effects of the pandemic such as concerns about the polarizing state of politics, uneasiness about work, and difficulties in relationships with loved ones.  We are so glad she created this wonderful piece in response to that time.

Guatemalan Worry Doll Tradition:

The tradition originated in Guatemala where the dolls were made using Mayan patterned textiles wrapped around wires and sticks made to look like dolls.  The legend begins with a Maya princess possessing the ability to solve any humanly problem/issue.  The dolls were given to children as a vessel to connect with this princess and speak their troubles directly to the dolls.  They placed the dolls under their pillow and the belief was their worries would be transferred to the doll by morning.  The child could wake up happy and freed from their troubles.

According to current psychological research using dolls as a vessel for children to communicate their troubles has proven to be a very effective form of behavioral health treatment for psychologists and therapists.  So whether you believe in folklore or actual scientific research the outcome seems to be the same!  We know puzzling also has many psychological benefits thus making our puzzle with this print the perfect vessel for anyone assembling it to experience those mental & behavioral health benefits.  We hope you enjoy it and Puzzle Away!